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The consulting team is led by Benjamin Scardello. As the founder of the company in 2009, he has worked as a business development consultant, agency CEO, and marketing researcher. He has worked with many organizations from small start-up companies to large Fortune 100 organizations, and as the founder of a full-service ad agency for over 15 years.

The primary focus of the company is to make available high-level marketing and advertising executive leadership and analysis to client organizations. Often, Scardello is supporting clients as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Within this capacity, clients benefit in many ways, including:

Throughout His Career as a
Business Development Executive

He gained considerable experience within multiple industries. With each association, his primary focus was leading growth and profitability, through various marketing and advertising initiatives. The industries that Scardello has been associated with, either as an executive on staff, consultant, or through his marketing agency associates include:


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The Scardello and Associates Group Consists of Specialists

Because of our broad associations within the important marketing and advertising sectors facing growing companies, your campaigns will benefit from the following specializations:

Specializations Categories:

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