Avoid the marketing risks...

You Don't See

Marketing and advertising campaigns often fail because of undiscovered risks with your marketing strategies. We help reveal the marketing risks you don’t see before campaigns fail.

First Look – Let us take a look at your campaigns.

Ask yourself,

Do your internal or external marketing teams pursue “your campaigns” ahead of discovering the information supporting the success of your campaign?

Internal Teams

Those inside your organization responsible for your marketing initiatives generally have limited knowledge and time to discover vital information, that when combined with deadlines, swiftly move them to implementation ahead of the research needed to help ensure success.

External Teams

The vast majority of marketing and advertising agencies utilize systematized campaign execution processes, ahead of doing the work necessary to avoid marketing risks before implementation. They do this primarily to maximize margins.


Salesmanship or even the best of intentions are insufficient to overcome the historical and likely failure of 50% of marketing and advertising initiatives.

We Offer

Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” From a marketing perspective, “an ounce of prevention saves thousands of wasted advertising dollars.” We offer an alternative to the typical approach for marketing and advertising. Based on a thorough review of your campaign expectations, agency capabilities, and investment requirements, we help reveal marketing risks prior to launching your marketing initiatives.

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Resolving Limitations

Executive leadership and their marketing teams have limitations. Factors we address include:

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Developing Success

Marketing ideas are easy, but executing them is hard. Factors we address include:

First Look Audit Request Form

CXM Stack Utilization

CXM or Customer Experience Management, is the use of marketing strategies and technologies focusing on the customers satisfaction and engagement experiences.

Voice of Customer

Have you examined what your customers believe about your company recently (within the past 18 months)?

Competitor Factors

Do you know what your top competitor’s marketing and advertising campaign strategies are?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impact

Has anyone on your team or agency discussed the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve your marketing campaigns?

Sales Journey

Have you examined how your current sales journey fits within any marketing and advertising campaign?

Website Visitor Analytics

Have you taken a deep dive and evaluated your website visitor activity?

Focus Groups

When was the last time you acquired focus group insights about your industry, its future and demand?

Technology Factors

Have you reviewed, evaluated, and determined how best to utilize the latest technologies specifically to grow an effective marketing campaign?

Video Impact

Do you recognize the rapidly growing demand for video content?

Digital vs Traditional

Has your marketing agency conducted a digital vs traditional assessment evaluation, including a retrospective analysis of the ROI impact?

Age Out Impact

Have you evaluated the impact of the aging out and replacement of key employees on your market and target audiences?

Channel Selection

Has your agency presented multiple marketing channel options and how they could impact your

Cost vs Results

Does your inside marketing team or outside agency present a cost vs results comparison regularly?

Use of Brand Standards

Do you have a stated brand standards policy and, if so, is it followed within all marketing initiatives?

Call to Action

Has your team or agency presented strategically developed Call to Action statements?

KPI Definition

Are your Key Performance Indicators fully defined, tracked, and communicated?

Graphic Designs

Do your team or agency graphic design teams work closely with your marketing analyst to ensure that ads are reaching your audiences correctly?

Lead Generation Tracking

Are you confident that marketing and advertising leads are tracked and evaluated consistently?

Sales Team

Does your sales team participate in marketing and performance assessments and decisions?

Marketing Budget Management

Is your marketing budget managed well, including competitively negotiated to ensure maximum efficiency?

Regional Marketing Factors

Is your marketing campaign implemented strategically by regional factors of performance?


Are your marketing campaigns reported quickly and with objective performance factors?

Economy Impact

How well is your organization tracking the economy and its potential impact on your marketing initiatives?

Programmatic Utilization

Does anyone on your team or agency discuss the use of programmatic media buying?

Exploratory Opportunities

Does your team or agency routinely present new marketing strategies or channel opportunities?

Social Media

Have you examined how your brand is perceived by audiences on social media?

Advanced Marketing Expertise

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, an advanced level of knowledge and experience is necessary to be successful. Do you have someone on your staff with this level of expertise?

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